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Serbia and Kosovo: A Long Road to Reconciliation

Despite a recent spike in tensions in Serbia and Kosovo, community members and groups are continuing to work towards a better future.

Since the war in 1999, Serbia and Kosovo have been at odds. Nearly 24 years later, the people of the two opposing nations seemingly want to move on and reconcile, but the governments they live under hinder the efforts.

A recent spike in political tensions between Pristina and Belgrade made waves in foreign and local press earlier this year. The spike in politica

Cph News | Connections: The New Art Exhibition Shining a Light on Immigration to Denmark

30 years have passed since Denmark accepted 20,000 refugees fleeing from the former Yugoslavia. Connections – Danish artists from the former Yugoslavia, is set to make its debut this weekend at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). The exhibition features meaningful artworks that are able to convey the link between history, art and culture.

Connections was curated by PhD fellow at SMK and the University of Copenhagen, Tijana Mišković, who began analysing the works of the featured artists two y

Aarhus Todaily » Ghost Cyclists Continue to Haunt the Streets of Aarhus

In Denmark’s second biggest city, Aarhus, cycling has a spooky side. A report was released late last year by ViaTrafik (a Danish engineering consultant firm) that labelled Aarhus as the epicentre for “ghost cycling” in Denmark. But what action has been taken since the release of this report?

Ghost cycling is a term coined from “ghost driving”, the illegal act of driving in the wrong lane against the flow of traffic. Mobility planner for the Aarhus Municipality, Martin Lov Simonsen, said ghost c

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